Friday, October 22, 2010

Rotator Cuff

Both shoulders were really sore last night from all the pulling to get Walter going yesterday.  I had a rotator cuff injury about 8 years ago that painfully laid me up for 3 weeks and required 4 months of physical therapy - so I decided to put off the next pour another day or two.  I know that ache well and I know now to let it rest and heal.  Heading to Alpine again soon so I decided to do some grounds keeping by sorting and bagging up a years worth of trash and recyclables to take with me next trip.  69,85,54,0,C


eriko said...

That is one of the things that people that do not live in the boonies do not realize. You deal with your own trash. I fondly remember dump runs as a kid. There was good chance we would leave with a heavier truck than we came with. Oh the stuff people threw out.

K1MGY said...

Take very good care of your shoulders there, John. You only have two of 'em. Feeding and grooming Benita could occupy your vacation time until they heal.

Similar story here. Have an electric generator which would not start (and has run fitfully in the few times we've needed it). Thought I'd have another visit of adhesive capsulitis (no fun) with all the starter rope pulling. Actually frayed the rope.

Disassembled carb and took it to small engine expert who reported that he found "a carbureator full of water".

Sure enough, gas tank contains a nice 50/50 mixture.

Seems storing gas in generator for a year may be one of my brighter moves; yanking on rope for an hour, another.

Live. Hopefully learn.

Allen Hare said...

Good that you took a break from the heavy work to rest and heal. Still, it must have been some work bagging and loading all that trash and recyclables. Hope the shoulders are feeling good as new soon.

I've been thinking a lot lately about making the move out there for good. Trash disposal is one of the issues I realized would need to be handled differently than here in the city. Is there a city or county dump in Alpine? Are there recycling facilities there, as well? I know that composting will take care of organic waste. Burning trash is an option, but I'd hate to, in effect, dump my trash into the air that everyone must breathe and see through. We climbed to the top of Casa Grande Mountain in Big Bend Park last year, and the visible air pollution from up there was depressing.

Twain55 said...

Invest in a can of starter fluid to help get those first cranks going. Spray it right into the carbureator.