Monday, February 20, 2012

Austin Bike Zoo

Visitors - Marty,Joe, John, Michael...all bearing gifts.

More metal up on the NE container.

Dinner at the Starlight.  54,73,30,0,B


mike said...

that donkey is a ham

Off Grid R and D said...

Looks like Mr Floppy is wantin to hog in on all the pictures he can.

Rita B. said...

that Floppy is a major scene stealer. thanks for the link to the "zoo". wonder if there's anything like that here in houston? you're getting sealed up nice and tight on the greenhouse. looks great!

TexasMan said...

Absolutely great shot of shell as it was ejected in mid flight!

Fester said...

John, the place is looking great. One question. When does Mr Floppy get his face book page.

Allen Hare said...

Yep, that Mr. Floppy reminds me of a gal I used to know. Whenever a camera came out, she was ready to model.

You're really rockin' on the greenhouse. It's looking better every day. I still say the tops of those containers have a lot of potential. For what, I don't know, but potential!

The Bike Zoo is so cool. What a great, creative bunch of folks. Were they at the Starlight, as one of the pictures on their website suggested?