Saturday, February 18, 2012

a guy and a dog...

Finished screwing up metal on the SE end of the greenhouse.

My buddy Guy Hodges from Midland/Odessa came out for a visit with his dog, Daisy. 
We got some shootin in.

Started some metal on the long north edge to cap off the day.  Them thar roof perlins "just happened" to line up just right.  Had a late rain event last night. 51,68,44, .19",B

Check this out from a fellow contributor to the Tiny Homes book.


jandean said...

Hi Guy, Another beautiful dog! Wonderful to see you looking fit and happy and having a great time at TFL.
John, the roof is ever more remarkable.

Bob from Athens said...

Every time I screw up something it doesn't come out looking like that.

Sodbuster said...

In attempting to find your exact location on Google Earth I found lots of other buildings and trailers scattered all over the desert. Where do these people derive the income to to exist in such isolation? I did find The Field Lab at Lat 29 32'53.09"N Lon 103 35'10.80"W with the nearest neighbor all the way over on Hiway 118. You are one tough man that puts a lot of thought into your project.

MontelloOffGrid said...

nice shell casing snap!

Allen Hare said...

Glad you had some more company today, and y'all had a chance to get some shooting in.

The ends of the greenhouse are coming together nicely, and you addressed my next question today, namely the north and south sides. Your solution to closing them off looks great. Good that that purlin just happened to line up perfectly!