Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Crassipes!

The Terlingua Creek Catseyes are blooming!  65,80,43,0,B


davidfe said...


Lovely and great pictures. Are you planning on saving some of the seeds for you area around TFL?


remmij said...

TCC -endangered since '91... should be bearing fruit as early as April.
Fizzle Flat Lentil
congrats on zooming past the 1,111,111 mark - lotta

Unknown said...

John, I am baffled by the terrain illustrated in Btrack.jpg published Feb 23. re:Benita's travels.
Can you enlighten me on what I am viewing? Is this on your land? Has it been recently graded or tilled?

Unknown said...
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Carolyn Ohl-Johnson said...

Is that awesome or what!

Allen Hare said...

Some great pics today, of some lovely flowers. That last one could be one for the next batch of post cards.