Wednesday, May 16, 2012

chick treats

Swamp flowers are blooming.

Filled up two tubs for potatoes to be planted tomorrow.  Got my first tray of wheat grass for the hens....they take about a week to get to this point so I just started next weeks treat.  I got enough seed thanks to Russell the knife maker to keep the girls in weekly wheat grass for at least a year.

The new/free compost bin I got from my friend Suze in Alpine is cooking away nicely.  Got it half filled with cow and horse manure, new hay and old hay, daily chicken manure, and scraps from the greenhouse - keeping it moist.  Only 3 days and it's already starting to smell like dirt.  It's gonna have to start cooking at 135° to really do the job.  Really easy to roll around to turn the pile.   Just got my charge controller for a new battery bank by the greenhouse (Xantrex C-40)...I have another C-40 and a C-60 that have been running consistantly for 4 years now.  79,87,48,0,B,0


alam0tx said...

John...The chickens are growing pretty good...Eggs in about 2 months...

Allen Hare said...

Really interesting looking buds/seed pods on those pond plants.

Those chicks have grown up FAST!

Compost happens.

Didn't know you had another battery bank by the greenhouse, but I guess it figures you would need one there.

Best of luck with all.