Wednesday, May 23, 2012

guard donks

Some burros came in this morning for breakfast.  Had their fill then lounged at the end of my driveway.  Mounted my misting pump on a west end door and tested out a misting ring from that end since wind was out of the west today. 

Got new trees late today that need to get potted in the morning...4 pygmy date palms, a pineapple guava, and a manzanillo olive (for future martinis).  Plucked a bean side dish for supper tonight.  94,104,73,0,B, .31


remmij said...

is that the prior pay phone or a new pay phone?
104º — I need a mister just to read that...
is there a noticeable humidity difference in/out now?
Good that you are tending the dawn donk patrol.
Sign me up on the martini list, shaken, not stirred.

Allen Hare said...

Good donkeys. You may have to deputize them, and issue them badges. They have no sense of boundaries, though....

Are you noticing any lowering of temperatures in the greenhouse with the misting?

I have a friend in the horticultural business. She has a large greenhouse about fifty miles east of Dallas. Inside, it's like a tropical paradise. Such a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Your place is starting to acquire that same atmosphere. When all those trees mature, it's going to be so beautiful in there. You're creating a real oasis.

Colorful supper.