Tuesday, April 28, 2009

split shift

Met up with my friends Bill and Karen (and Jack, the ugliest dog in Texas) at the Grub Shack this morning for breakfast. They came out so Karen could get the full tour of the Field Lab. Karen was part of the deluxe tour that included hand feeding Beatice. They headed back NE of me and I got to work. Finished the first half of the pour for the east entrance footing by noon.

Prepped for the next half pour then took a break during the sunny/hot hours. Stopped back at the Grub Shack and chatted with Betty and Chuck for awhile. Uncle Jerry from UPS stopped by because he saw my truck and dropped off the wind turbine blades I ordered. Check out http://www.mikeswindmillshop.com/ I'm tempted to try out one of his wind turbines later this year. Headed out to Bill and Karen's to pick up his scaffolding to borrow for awhile. It will come in handy when I do my cinder block walls.

Got home at 4:30PM and fired up Walter again. Mixed up 3 more batches of concrete and poured the second half of the east entrance. Finished up by 6:30PM and called it a day. A bit hot but nice and breezy during the slave labor portions of the day.

Word has it that my segment on KWES 9 in Midland will air tomorrow night....no promises as usual with the media.


Bob O said...

Sounds like you deserve it to be Beer O'clock!

Anonymous said...

LOL Its 5:00 somewhere!

Everythings looks GREAT, John!

Allen Hare said...

Another great looking form/pour job. Thanks for the link to Mike's Windmill Shop. I added it to my "Favorites List". I'm thinking of putting a windmill up in my backyard here in Dallas, as we have plenty of wind almost all of the time.