Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nice, calm morning except for the dull roar of a generator running a mile NW of me. Luckily - the birds chirping here almost drowned it out. My biggest rescued rainbow cactus finally bloomed today. Breakfast at the GrubShack and bid a fond farewell to BillyBob and Ben. Also ran into old pal Fred Porter - finally back on the ranch after being in and out of the hospital for the last 6 weeks battling a nasty staph infection.

Moved the icebox indoors and stocked it up to keep cool for a week. Packed up my tshirts and headed down to the post office. Saw my friend Sandy at the Cottonwood Store (best store south of Alpine) and found out she is working on the latest play by Last Minute Low Budget Productions ....I hope I can find my tuxedo. Also ran into a couple of blog readers visiting the Big Bend - invited them back for a tour of TFL.

Made it home about a half hour before the tour arrived. Had a great time chatting up my new friends Dennis and Debbie - beards are always welcome. They even brought a bag of range feed for Benita! Had a quick tour then they headed out.
Jumped into some metal cutting to get the new stand underway for the solar oven - lots of miters. Ignored the high winds and just kept at it till all the pieces were cut. 83,96,62,0,W


Ron/Debbie said...

When is your anticipated schedule to put the roof on your greenhouse. Just curious.

Dizzy-Dick said...


Just missed you by an hour at the Grub Shack. Would have liked to met you, but maybe next time I'm down this way. I know you don't like unexpected visitors holding you up, so didn't try to get to your place and disturb your work.

Did meet Billy Bob, and he is a really nice guy.

Keep up the good work, John, and pat Benita for me.

Anonymous said...


Allen Hare said...

I really dislike generators. My friends and I are constantly at odds with them on camping trips. Why someone would drive all the way out to a pristine wilderness just to sit in a trailer watching TV with the air conditioner running is beyond me. They could have stayed back in the city for that.