Friday, April 16, 2010


Just road maintenance today....made good use of a quad that my Panther Mountain neighbor loaned me for awhile. I really should have bought one of these instead of that silly go kart. Built a couple of bridges with my neighbor JK and cleared a path to the GrubShack around the bad spot. The stuck vehicle has been removed ahead of schedule (thanks to JK). Lesson learned.....hopefully.


Bret McCormick - Epic Diabetic said...


How are the containers holding up for storage? Are they water tight?

We're thinking about converting a container for short term living quarters and longer term guest room.


tffnguy said...

John, glad the vehicle got removed and you have an alternative rout now. Is that cleared a path to the Grub Shack on the Quad or in your PU?

Expecting Billy Bob here at the dungeon today. He spent the night in the Legion parking lot last night.

Anonymous said...

Those ATV's do make sense and they will haul a small trailer. The trailer would be useful and you can fill the tires with the green goo.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Pastor John,

May I use your blog as an advertisement? Crazy me has started my own blog. I was feeling left out! Bill thinks I'm crazy. Check me out at (or something like that--I'm such a newby). Bear with me as I learn how to do this.

Bill will be down next week. But, alas, I must work. I'll have a few days in mid-to-late May for a visit.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could sell the go-kart to FNG. Tell him IT won't get stuck in the mud (wink wink).

tffnguy said...

John, fallerya has a plan and it would probably be a lot easier to get it out of the road with your new quad than the pickup.

Pipsqeek said...

I agree,

Sell the go-kart and get one of those ATV's