Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Started cleaning out the containers again....they have become giant, messy tool boxes. Did some final prep for rain cause I had a good feeling about this storm. Rained from 4:45 till 9:15 today with a total dirt road swamping 1.14" accumulation. Topped off the last tank I had in place with 1,400 gallons in twenty minutes. I now have 12,450 gallons in the bank. 58,85,58,1.14",W


mike said...

wow, will that water last the summer??

ezrablu said...

You're rich!
And as always, I love your photos :o)

Ben in Texas said...

I even watched it rain on you today from your camera. Sounded neat.Glad you got some saved..

Do you by chance know the GPS coors of Dick Cain's Place? I would like to load it into my Google Earth.

Headed down to Terlingua Ranch Sunday to meet up with Billy Bob. :-)

Anonymous said...

I took a pic of my computer today. It had the fieldlab cam up..The fieldlab was upside down in the rain drop.

chempilot said...

in texas that much rain is called a toad choker! :O)

Unknown said...

I've never heard of a toad choker, but I have heard of a terd floater :)

~Mama Crow~