Monday, April 26, 2010


One important rule I learned before coming out here from my friends Abe and Josie....If you can make it-don't buy it... and if you can find it-don't make it. The day started slowly with me asking some longhorns what they felt like doing today. They were no help at all so I began by cleaning paint specs off the glass from my old solar oven - then moved on to the new solar oven. Well today I didn't buy - but found parts and made flanges to weld to the pole running through my solar oven. Wrapped things up at 3PM and headed south for laundry, porch time, and dinner with friends at the Starlight. 78,101,45,0,C


Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad you found the flanges. Your projects all come out looking great and operating as designed.

You Texas Mom said that you scared her this evening while you were feeding the long horns. She thought you put yourself in a couple of precarious positions. She worries about you.

Son of Liberty said...

I like to periodically check on you and every time I sit down I get a good evenings read. Always glad to see progress. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...


I wonder why you carry your laundry a long way when it is fast and simple to do it at home? Several methods that might work for you: the WonderWash: (although it's generally available cheaper online from others), or either the rapidwash: or its somewhat improved plastic version, the "Breathing" mobile washer: (I intend to go for the latter)

You might do something like this for shirts and underwear, for example, and do the heavy items with less-frequent laundromat runs.


neil said...

Flanges? We don't need no stinking flanges!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness, look at that high and low!!!!

101 to 45 ... wow.

tffnguy said...

David, my aunt used to use an ordinary toilet plunger to do the same thing as the "Breathing" mobile washer when they went camping and had good results. I'm thinking about building a wind powered one.

Just a small fire said...

Great Glass cleaner, XXXX steel wool and Bar Maid.