Tuesday, May 31, 2011

film guy

My new friend Ian Midgley
http://www.youaregodblog.com/  has been here the past two days shooting video at the Field Lab.  Finally got a start on the greenhouse welding today...briefly, before it got hot.  A new set of palo verde sprouts are doing well.  Cleaned my house solar panels.  Been hot and humid the past 48 hours.  Very good chance of rain tonight...finally.


Dani said...

John - was wondering - how is the heat in the greenhouse / under the roof sheets?


Unknown said...

Well, is it raining?

*fingers crossed*

Andy V said...

Wondering when those time-elapse video cameras you stuck around the place will be developing?

rocking R rustics said...

John, looks like you have 15 solar panels there. How many watts are they rated at and is that enough for you? I would love to get my place on solar, my monthly usage is 650 Kw in the winter and around 400 in the summer. I'm about the same latitude as you, maybe a couple hundred miles further south. Did some checking on websites and they recomend minimum of 8 panels at 200 watts each. ugh thats a lot of money to spend.