Thursday, October 21, 2010


Got all my ducks in a row this morning and fired up Walter.  Midway into the first batch of concrete - Walter insisted on taking a break.  My big fear is that he would break down in the middle of a long pour - at least he decided to quit at the beginning this time.  Found the problem but was too beat yanking his chain all morning.  Had to dump 3.5 bags of concrete then ran away to the GS for a long lunch.

A good meal and some time away certainly helps solve problems.  There was a little screw valve that feeds the engine from the gas tank.  When loosened a bit it fed the gas but leaked quite a bit and seemed to vibrate itself closed after running awhile - thus shutting down Walter.  I unscrewed it as far as it would go and added some teflon tape to the it stays in place and doesn't leak.  Will give it a shot again tomorrow morning.
Took advantage of the extra free hours to scrub the house down.  Visitors give me a good excuse to clean up the place.  I have 2 groups coming through this weekend.  One scattered cloud parked this evening for a nice sunset shot.  76,85,55,0,B


Dizzy-Dick said...

Nice of Walter to give you the day off.

Allen Hare said...

Glad you were able to get Walter sorted out. Sometimes a little break, especially a sleep break, works wonders to resolve problems. It would've been tough to hand mix all that concrete.