Thursday, May 24, 2012


Transplanted the olive and the guava tree this morning, and started 6 grow bags with potatoes...then it started getting HOT.  Got my new tempered glass coming early next week so did some more pondering about the perfect solar oven design.  Working on a variation of this plan. 95,106,71,0,B,0


Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

Takes me 2 or 3 tries sometimes, I'm old.Some of these letters ?
Anyway, I started using bags for the first time a month ago.I got the mesh kind. Never seen anything like it.Maybe something to the roots breathing thing.50 cents a bag for 5 gallon size, I may never use another type of container again unless I have something large that needs to be moved around alot.I rolled the tops down like a sock about 3 inches.Even if just watered you can pick em up and move em around without losing their shape. As far as the concern about drainage, the bags come with a bunch of drainage holes punched in them.So many and large enough that I thought maybe it would be and issue keeping the dirt in em,
no problems.Here's a tip...I see people complaining on the net that the bags are hard to fill.Here is where using the head for more that a hatrack comes into play.Take an old 5 gal. bucket and cut out the bottom. Put in bag,fill bucket, pull out bucket ...voila

Allen Hare said...

Olive and Guava trees sound pretty Mediterranean and Tropical. You are terraforming the desert! Well, at least the part enclosed by your greenhouse....

Never heard of grow bags. They look pretty interesting, especially considering Rev. Jimmy's comments above.

I remember seeing this solar oven before, probably from a link provided by you. It is about perfect, as far as I can see. They seem to have thought of everything. I like the part where they say that it's construction is outside the scope of the average home handyman. I doubt you'll have much trouble with it, and will probably improve on their design! Looking forward to seeing it evolve here. Good luck.