Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4,250 Gallons

Melted some more silver this morning then headed south to the post office to mail off a couple of large orders and 2 going to England.  Had another last chance of an isolated thunderstorm today to I grabbed a few essentials.  Finished 5 more coins this afternoon then it started looking gloomy.  Checked the doppler radar and confirmed that TFL just might get more rain.

As usual, the storm started light then got ugly.  Had 15 minutes of heavy rain, thunder, lightning and high winds....then another 45 minutes of just heavy rain.

The storm ended at about 5PM and I had plenty of water going through the creek so I fired up the gas pump.  Sucked an additional 2,000 gallons out of the flow and topped off a tank.  My creek tanks are now all full - 7,500 gallons.  That ought to keep the greenhouse watered for quite some time.  Ended up with just over an inch of rain.

This storm came just in time as a high pressure system is moving into the area finally.  Looks like I will have plenty of sunny days coming up to dry out the road.  75,102,77, 1.03",G,0  


Rita B. said...

Woooohoooo and congrats on the full tanks John! Hope Ben and Bud appreciated the bath also. Could you give us an update on Mr. Floppy please....I think about the little fella and hope he's OK.

mary lee said...

Glad you got some rain as well Mr Wells, you need it. Here in Ireland we seem to get it all the time.

Stooth said...

Good news, you received 1.3 inches of rain, according to your rain gauge, not 1.03 inches. Put in a swimming pool!

MsBelinda said...

Rita - I know you watch the live feeds please tell us what happened to Mr. Floppy?