Monday, July 29, 2013

new molds...last casts

Just about worn out the first two molds.  Was able to get 38 cast out of each so far - probably just enough life left in them to finish this round.  FYI - I won't be offering any more online for awhile.  I will however have some on hand for visitors to purchase.  Think I will take a break from the melting for awhile once I finish the rest of the orders.  I got a lot of messes to clean up around here.  85,98,75,0,B,.18


Ron/Debbie said...

How many of the last 50 have been accounted for. Or rather are there any of the last 50 still available? Thank you

remmij said...

Mr. Wells - ran across this photo and thought it was a decent companion to your Sunday image - by Scripps Treasure Coast photographer Sam Wolfe:
Sea to your land
btw, a Benita silver round arrived at my door today in very fine shape — thank you.
may not be your cup of tea, but you might be interested:
De Maria
Saltz on De Maria
enjoy bringing order to the messes.

Jonathan Stark said...

Got my "Benita" yesterday I love it, and its actually biggger than I thought, Maybe make a pendant out of it...very cool!

Thomas Hill said...

I can't believe I missed out on this sale. I'm anxiously awaiting your next sale so don't wait too long:-)

remmij said...

was looking at T. Hill's blog ⬆ and ran across this link and it made me laugh - Bernie Harberts might be simpatico - if he ever makes the Lone Star pass again.

You might read this to Ben as he becomes accustom to the saddle -