Saturday, July 6, 2013

truck bath

Not sure what was the most exciting thing about my day....getting rid of stuff, washing my truck for the first time in over a year, or coming home to the tail end of a 4' red racer going back to his nest under a water tank.  90,106,72,0,B,.12


Jay said...

Isn't there a corollary to Murphy's law that says something to the effect:

The number of birds that poop on a vehicle is directly proportional to the length of time between washes, and inversely proportional to the length of time since the most recent wash.

That may indicate that an Alfred Hitchcock movie is about to land on John's truck.

Under The SC Sun said...

Not too many trees to park under in John's neighborhood.

Your snake photo reminds me of one my mother took of Pronghorn Antelope. The herd ran up a hill and by the time she adjusted and readied her old Brownie Camera, the exposure was of a couple of Pronghorn backside going over the ridge line...