Tuesday, August 25, 2009

saved a spider

Did my good deed of the day first thing this morning. Saved a drowning spider from my swamp cooler reservoir. Not too worried that this little guy will ever come back to bite me because he is only about 3/8" long. Took him a couple of minutes to get his land legs then off he went like a shot. Sure hope someone doesn't leave a comment that this is some kind of horrendous killer to watch out for. Punched in at 9 and more truss work. Popped the second half of the truss on top of the first half and placed all 78 cross pieces. Benita was in and out a couple of times today for snacks and water - not much help with the welding. Off and on all day got the second half welded up. Spider-Welding-Break-Welding-Lunch-Break-Welding-Break-Welding-Beer.


James Weber said...

Looks like a jumping spider to me, which I don't think is harmful at all.
Caveat: This is only based on second hand learning from my wife who works at an invertebrate zoo.
But good work saving it!

EcoHeliGuy said...

doesn't matter if its harmful, you only kill animals to eat. If your not going to eat it, leave it be (or better yet, if a pet chicken isn't going to eat it :P)

k1mgy said...

Anything with elaborate markings like that suggest steer clear.

Sorry Benita. Not you sweetie.

Billy Bob said...

After close observation of that spider, yeah, it one them jump'n crotch spiders. They ain't as harmful as you would think, till they take a bite. Be very careful, and observant, when showering outdoors.

Wonderful look'n job on the second truss. At that rate, I suspect to see two trusses a week on "da roof".

Give old Benit'er a big wet kiss right on the lips for my dawgs. They love Benita.

KE5MIL said...

Cool markings on the spider, reminds me of native american / southwestern motif. Did I read somewhere before that you generally shoot with a G1? The detail and color, impressive.

Allen Hare said...

Good looking work on the truss, and another productive day.
I agree with Walter that it's best to let critters be, unless they threaten you. One excepiton is the brown recluse spider. I guess you may have seen some of their handiwork on the internet. It's not pretty, and it's permanent. Beware of 'em!
Love the last sentence of today's post: "etc., etc., etc., etc., beer". Priceless!

denziel56 said...


now you got the summer schedule down .

cheers and a cold one to boot .


Anonymous said...

HA HA Billy Bob. loved that comment. John I agree with billy bob, its a little one and probably only can jump someone with a 33" inseam or less. You dont have to worry...I think.

xaocfrau said...

It looks like the spider is wearing a little Shriner's fez. I believe its official name is arachnomasoni. It's harmless.

Coot said...

I am not sure, but this looks like your spider!

k1mgy said...

So may be a phidippus jumping spider:


Still looks like something to not tangle with :)

SRyan said...

There are only two venomous spiders in North America, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Both are hairless and shiny. You should look online for their distinctive markings and avoid them. With all of your building materials left about, you have created some pretty good hiding spots for them. As if snakes and scorpions weren't enough, guess you can add spiders to your list of critters to respect in the desert.

I've been watching your progress for months. Just ran across this entry and thought you would appreciate the info.