Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tourist Day

Had another excuse (my eye feels back to normal now) for a leisurely day today - a Field Lab visit from my new friends Trent and Courtney from Odessa. Unfortunately, their visit began with a bang...only got about 1/8 of a mile down my road when their tire blew out. No way to fix that hole. Now the bad part is that he has a locking lug nut on each of his tires and his Toyota dealer apparently did not return the "key" to him last time they rotated his tires....oops. So they came to my house to call AAA for assistance but had to wait 3 hours for help to arrive, which was just fine because we had a chance for the full tour and more time to just hang out and get acquainted. The flatbed arrived and he loaded up Trent's truck and we bid a fond farewell.

This is the third time I have heard of this happening out here so I decided to investigate the situation ( sorry, but a bit too late for Trent and Courtney). I pretty much figured out by searching the web that these lug nuts are fairly simple to remove without the "key". Next trip to Alpine, I will add the necessary parts to my tool kit so I will be ready to assist the next stranded motorist. If I could figure this out in less than a 1/2 hour, you can bet that the tow truck driver knows the drill but preferred to get the towing fee. I fired off an email to Trent suggesting that after he gives the Toyota dealer hell for not returning the key - have them remove the locking lug nuts because they only inconvenience the unprepared motorist - not the criminal that really wants to steal your wheels.


texascowpunk said...

If it were me I would also be sending the Toyota dealer the bill for towing and having the wheel removed!

Old Wise One said...

Don't you just tap a oversize socket over the wheel lock to remove?? I had to do this once for the same reason, no key.

John Wells said...

TCP...I think Toyota should definitely pay the bill

OWO...exactly! but I will keep these on hand as well as an assortment of sockets.

Bob from Athens said...

Hey John, I;ve been trying to find out what the latest news is about "Pete", have you heard what, if anything has been done?

While I was surfing I came across this, as there are not all ready enough lawsuits in our courts::
At a town meeting, residents voted, 114-66, to endow all of the town's natural assets with legal rights: "Natural communities and ecosystems possess inalienable and fundamental rights to exist, flourish and naturally evolve within the Town of Shapleigh." It further decreed that any town resident had "standing" to seek relief for damages caused to nature — permitting, for example, a lawsuit on behalf of a stream.

So the next time you are anywhere around Shapleigh don't p** in the stream, it will sue you for damages.

Bob from Athens said...

The article also stated that in theory if one tree in the woods out grows and takes sunlight and rain from another, then one of the citizens of the town can sue the bigger tree on behalf of the smaller one. Sure makes me glad to be a Texan, I don't think I can stretch my mind around that kind of thinking!

Allen Hare said...

I have one of those lock nuts on my spare tire, which rides out back of the Bronco on a rack. I always thought a thief could just use a vise grip pliers to take it off. I guess it's there just to slow 'em down.

Mr_Brown said...

Just a slightly off topic question. I keep hearing more and more about Harbor Freight. I've never bought anything from them, just wondering why they are so popular.

BigTex said...

Well after a minor slip-up(thanks alot google maps) of missing JW on Saturday, we had a wonderful day at BBNP and the went to the Longhorn Ranch Motel and cooled off in the pool. Then my wife got a bit scared when the bats came to get a drink. So we had a wonderful night's sleep and then the Toyota horror began.

Thanks to JW and Ryan for at least having the patience to help us figure out a viable solution. I'm a real no-nonsense, n0 BS kind of guy, so I'll have to be very stern yet forgiving with Toyota in the morning if I have any hopes of getting any money out of them rather than having to take them to small claims.

I lost all faith in corporate anything many moons ago, but I never would have thought I'd need to check to make sure that Toyota put back my lug key after servicing my vehicle. Stupid me today, smarter me tomorrow. I have long standing issues with corporate america's new comfort zone of a lack of customer service. I guess they only assume that everyone will be so forgiving and not really care--"Toyota, You have a problem" And I'll be there in the morning to help you solve it!

Trent and Courtney

Darin said...

Wow, now that was a huge hole in that sidewall! I realize those are just standard road tires, maybe going a bit fast for your road?

I have the same locking lug nut on my Toyota Matrix.

The last set of new tires I had put on it I had to ask the counter guy at Hibdon Tire to return my lock.

Like mentioned above, those locks probably nothing more than a minor inconvenience to a thief.

davor said...

I thought the lug nut photo was your eye at first, and I was a little worried.

Darin said...

LOL Davor... I just laughed so hard Mountain Dew came out my nose!


lynette355 said...

harbor freight
my dads idea of the best porn in the world lol
he can shop that catalog for days at a time
great things they come up with
dontch'a think

Nessa said...

Oh Dan loves Harbor Freight! The have all sorts of nifty dohickies and are oh so affordable!

Glad y'all had time for some visiting while waiting for the cavalry to arrive. We've had the same problem with the lug nut key, Firestone didn't put it back after we bought new tires. It's so frustrating!

denziel56 said...


get back to me when you get a break,

still want to hook up before we leave on Thursday am.

hope to catch ya while we are here.



MsBelinda said...

Thank goodness for AAA. As a single woman I can't change a tire to save my life much less anything else. They have been a lifesaver in dozens of occassions. Well worth the annual fee and I also have the additional 300 mile towing that I have never had to use but it is always nice to know its there if I need it.

I love Harbor Freight Tools, they have a lot of things that I use on my camping trips.