Wednesday, November 18, 2009

George Zupp

Benita pooped bird seed all day. Hope the birds don't mind the recycled seed. Shut down all the video feeds early because my battery monitor was reminding me it was time for a full charge again.

Made a morning supply run to Alpine due to a 30% chance of rain over the next two days. Got home quick to do more sorting of the good and the bad. Managed to bag up 5 more loads of stuff slated for the landfill as opposed to the atmosphere - sorry, but I just can't bring myself to burn plastic. 52,80,29,0

My new friend - artist George Zupp
( ) came out for a visit and dinner late today. Had a great time hanging out and bonding with another crazy Texan. Made sure he took the time to sit down and chat with some of the folks that are following the live video feed on Stickam. Check out his collection of videos at


Sunnybrook Farm said...

If you could put that cow pie in muffin tins and bake in the oven for awhile they would pass as city bakery produced multi grain muffins. It is an organic multi grain product for sure, might be a tad high in nitrogen.

Bob from Athens said...

I agree that burning plastic is not the way to deal with it, however burying it in some landfill so that future generations have to deal with out trash also is not the answer. There are other uses for it if you look hard enough.

Ben in Texas said...

I agree with the recycle principal in general. But I be dammed if I am going to PAY some one to recycle my stuff. They just turn around and resell it in some form or the other.

ezrablu said...

Birds don't have tastebuds so they won't mind. Nice sunset, fire and twinkly lights last night, thx :o)

Anonymous said...

George looks like one of a kind from his Youtube videos. looks like Ruby in his videos was your red headed visitor in one of your previous posts. Maybe wasnt her though.

Anonymous said...

Piano stairs experiment:

from pipsqeek's blog --