Monday, November 30, 2009


hmmmm......seems that being metafiltered has brought in quite a number of new blog readers. WELCOME ... and nice to see so many new folks. Work here is about to pick up soon so stay tuned and don't forget to check out the live webcams.

Cold/cloudy/dreary day all day here at the Field Lab. No outdoor work other than battening down the hatches for our funny little forecast. 2 to 4" of snow overnight? I can't imagine it really happening but I will be ready with the camera bright and early tomorrow, just in case. Kind of makes me homesick for my old place back in upstate NY.

For the new viewers....the string of numbers at the end of each post is: temperature at 8PM, high temp, low temp, rainfall amount. 39,42,36, .24"


Boo Barksdale said...

Snow in most parts of Texas is what's known as a popcorn fart event. it won't last long.
Get the camera ready & try not to blink.

Tiffany said...

If you get snow I will be VERY surprised!

tffnguy said...

So far its rain only. Right now T-Storms and heavy rain at 12:36 AM (CST) Looks like John is going to have a lot more water for his system and I'll need a boat or hovercraft to get to my land on the other side of 118.

John, you can miss that snow all you want to, but I sure won't. I didn't think I'd have to worry about that stuff down here.

Allen Hare said...

I work in an air freight/motor freight warehouse up here at DFW airport in Dallas. One of our drivers, who makes the El Paso run each night, said that there was 2" of snow in El Paso today. For what it's worth.

mike said...

where is bonita???

bbsan said...

Hey John, did the Stickam change? I was able to chat as a visitor, now I can't.

Sam said...

Hey John,
Count me as metafiltered. I'm living in NYC right now and hearing your story leaves me envious, but in a good way.
Hope I can one day do some of the things you've been doing.
Good luck to you.

Caboose said...

Yea! where dose Benita and the other longhorn cattle go when the weather gets bad? A look at your house in New York State, looks like a real nice house. Thanks for explaining the numbers at the end of your blogs. I was wondering what they where.

ezrablu said...

Hey about 10 days ago I said I was doing some hard core promoting for you. I've had family add your links on their sites which really get a LOT of hits...It must be working :o)