Tuesday, October 23, 2012


...just like yesterday, except 2 new poles and no longhorns.  80,91,56,0,C,0


Anonymous said...

starting getting concerned dude xxx A greenhouse not finished not real purpose benefit there seen, now this Ben stuff corral and shift plus Christ sermons postings + a Book. Man I pray for yur mental and economic health as time transcurs. Yu r an ongoing solo builder, a heavy fine builder and that needs to materialize in something (yur legacy, an acomplished vision) . This project if yu were to fail e.g sick etc where would it go, what yur legacy etc.would be ? A $$$$ sponsor ?
I really admire BigBend and yur life there, but wish yu to find peace one day and relax.
Do not see that happening anytime soon .
ADMIRE, $$$$ lot of money invested and time. (Hope NY savings can continue stretching)
I do not have the solution to this nor think yu have it .You know the Law of the Universe also and our human limitations.
Carl, Floppy , love those two and yur pics of the rain,mountains,burros,wild longhorns, sky, etc.
God bless all us dude .

Chris Miller said...

I admire your ability to always be working and getting something done. I just hope I have that kind of strength and willpower when we get out there. I know I don't have the skills you have and it will be a much tougher road for us because of that, but if I could have even 1/2 of your drive I think we'll be successful.

Thanks for the updates. Things are coming along nicely. Ben is a spoiled little man.

Chris Miller
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Allen Hare said...

Excellent work, and a fine photograph. Good luck with all the barb wire.