Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sometimes the long days just drag on out here.  This morning I got a pleasant surprise.  Beatrice came in with Blanche and another cow and young bull.  I haven't seen these longhorns in months.  For those out of the loop...Beatrice is Benita's last daughter, and holds a special place in my heart (Blanche is Beatrice's third calf...preceded by Penelope and Benito).  Having had the opportunity to befriend these beasts has been the icing on the cake out here.  Other than a couple of lost yuccas and the occasional chewed wire, they have provided far more pleasure than pain for me.  Over the years I have been welcomed by as many as 20 longhorns camped out by my house after a shopping run.  The visit inspired me to concrete in two more corner pipes on the NE corner for my buddy Ben.  76,81,52,0,C,0


Rita B. said...

Look at Blanche's little horns! She's gonna be a very pretty girl, just like her mom and grandma. It's definitely nice to see the 'horns come to visit. Hope OBC is doing well also.

pamit said...

Blanche could be Ben's big sister...maybe she is!

Allen Hare said...

Good Friends