Monday, October 22, 2012


Had a big crowd for breakfast this morning.  When they were finished, Dick Cain came out and we herded them SW toward Terlingua Creek.  Yesterday afternoon I managed to tip pole #3 in its' hole without a problem using the high to low method.  Got it concreted in this morning.  Cleared the way for pole #4 and got the fattest/heaviest pole in the hole.  77,90,62,0,B,0


LarryLilly said...


When you start driving the "T" posts in with the weighted slider, your upper arms will double in size by the time your done.

Are you going to add a cross braced double in the middle of the two long side runs?

Milton said...

Great picture on top John.

Allen Hare said...

Yep, the longhorn picture at the top is a classic, worthy of being a headliner, banner, or background for any website or profile page. As a stand alone piece of art, it would look great on the big wall above my couch. You should consider selling fine art prints of your photos.

Good work on getting the poles into the ground. Glad you did it safely. Best of luck on the rest of the project.

Greg said...

Great pic of the herd.