Friday, October 12, 2012

surprise rain

That storm snuck up on me.  Late last night we had a nice .46".  My road is puddled up good again in the bad spot but not much more of the road is washed away this time.  Decided it was time to plumb in the other two tanks behind the greenhouse.  Another half inch of rain and they would overflow.  Screwed in a fitting with a valve on the 2 empty tanks.  Transferred about 400 gallons from each of the two tanks that were nearly filled.  Now I got room for more water and the two formerly empty tanks won't move in the wind.  Another line of thunderstorms moved through late this afternoon just in time for the new room in the tanks - got another .22".  May get another blast overnight tonight. 

Here is my cut fix for the pipe.  This worked well with 2 3/8" OD pipe.  First mark a top and bottom on the pipe.  I eyeballed front to back on the pipe but you can get a nice precise mark by laying a length of angle iron on the pipe to line up both ends.  Next I measured back 3/4" from the end and drew lines from near the outside edge to the middle at that 3/4 mark for two straight cuts using my grinder with a cutting wheel.  Made the cuts as vertical into the pipe as possible on both sides and ends of the pipe.  Used a grinding wheel to shape out a rough arch by eye.  69,87,67, .68",B,0   

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Allen Hare said...

Very nice work on the measuring and cutting. I figured it was something like this.

Glad you got some rain, and were able to harvest some of it.