Friday, October 19, 2012

KRTS Marfa Public Radio

My friend Rachel Osier Lindley from Marfa Public Radio asked me to stop by the station during their fall pledge drive to relate my story about them.  I made it up there today on the last day of the event.  I got a chance to spill my guts on air to my favorite classical midday host Roseland Klein.  I love her show and she is a real sweetheart.  When I first came out here to start building The Field Lab in early December 2007,  KRTS was my lifeline to news and entertainment for 3 months before I got my phone and DSL line...and to this day I still really enjoy their programming.  I dusted myself off (sort of) and came up to the station when they had their first spring pledge drive in 2008 to become a member of the station.  We have all become very good friends since then and I continue to support them.  Made the usual rounds then loaded up on supplies and brought a new chew toy home for Ben.  75,86,57,0,B,0


Al said...

Poor Ben. He wants his Daddy to feed him. Great looking hay bale!

rj said...

KUT Austin is also a lifeline NPR Station in Central Texas, particularly 9-3 weekdays.

Rita B. said...

I went to their website after reading about it on your blog (maybe spring of 11?...and seeing it on your door). It was one of the places i went daily to keep up on the fires from a year back and also currently keep up on local happenings.

But to my surprise, I was able to tune in as i was leaving the area last Monday (oct.11). I had taken the National Park route out of study butte and enjoyed the solitude. But once i got up to marathon, i was ready for another voice in the car...punched up "scan" and start listening to a nice lady who was talking to Lonn Taylor. He and Leon Hale are 2 of my favorite storytellers. And then came the break saying it was Marfa Public Radio. WOW! I was a happy camper.....for a couple more miles only. Just as Lonn started his story, I lost reception. Hopefully it will be on his column in Big Bend Now. But it was very nice to be able to listen and know that KRTS was out there. I support KPFT here in Houston. You just can't beat their weekend lineup on music. Hope everyone out that way knows what a great station they have in KRTS and made this a successful fund drive for them.

on a different note...that looks more like a headbutting toy at this minute than a chew.

Hugs to all (yeah, even Carl)

Allen Hare said...

Great to hear another story about a happy public radio listener. I discovered public radio as an over the road trucker back in '89. It saved my sanity. Around here, we support Dallas stations KERA, KXT, and KNON.

Ben seems to be enjoying the bale. I see his little nubs of horns are progressing.