Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Antelope Omelette

The Brooks portion of the Panther Mountain Clan came out last week for their spring break hunting trip.  They dropped off some frozen antelope sausage from a previous hunting trip which I had in an omelette this morning.  The boys bagged two aoudad on Saturday and carved off a chunk for me before they left that I will grill up for dinner tomorrow.

Unearthed some seasoned planting dirt from the compost pit.  Transplanted two date palms and my pomegranate tree. 61,74,50,0,B,0


Compost Bob said...

John. I can smell that rich, fresh, earthy fragrance half-way across Texas! Your "dirt" looks terrific!
Compost Bob (Texas variety)

Rita B. said...

that breakfast looking magnificent! and look at those bright yellow eggs. way to go girls! bon appetit.

Allen Hare said...

More great "Field (Lab) Rations".