Saturday, March 9, 2013

Head Gear

Finished up Benita and Bob's skulls today...topped off with a clear mat acrylic spray on the horns.  Tip to tip measurement on the old girls is 56 3/4" for 24 year old Benita and 47 3/4" for 4 year old Bob.   Ben's horns are now officially longer than his ears.  His new tip to tip is 18 3/8"/

Retired Field Lab cowboy hat #5 today.  Bought an unshaped palm leaf hat from (you can't beat the price for a do it yourself hat)  Soaked it, shaped it, blocked it, and let it dry.  68,83,60,0,B,0


Dizzy-Dick said...

No one wil recognize you with the new hat on. . . I made a painting of Benita after I got back from visiting you a few years ago.

Wm. Pugh said...

Should sell the other hat on eBay naming it Chick FTL Sweet Hat. Like to see how much it goes for!
Did well with skulls!
How did those lizard looking foot wear work out I keep forgetting to ask?!

from Rosharon, Tx....just waiting for the rain tonight

repsychallblues said...

thanks for the great link on where to get a real west Texas hat!

Rita B. said...

i love the way Ben is so accommodating with you during the measurement procedure. His horns are going to be as beautiful as his mom's, Bob. He'll do her proud. Benita and Bob's memorial looks superb. Spring break in Texas this week. watch out for wayward 2-leggers, especially near St. Patty's.

Judd said...

Good looking lid! Might want to have them rivet some vent holes in the sides. I had that done to fix a palm hat that was a little toasty in the summer.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on where to get a good hat!

Allen Hare said...

Big Bend Saddlery is a great shop. My friend Mark Mundy took me there on my first trip to Terlingua. I need to order some stuff from them.

Great job on the Benita and Bob skulls. They look wonderful. Benita had the most unique and beautiful horns.

Little Ben is too cute.