Friday, March 29, 2013

open yer mail

Just opened a letter 3 days ago from Big Bend Telephone that I found in my truck.  Seems I have to sign and turn in a yearly contract to keep my internet service at its' present cost.  Had to hit Alpine today to turn it in before the March 31st deadline.  As long as I had to go...checked with a neighbor who needed some cedar boards and as long as I was there, stocked up on more wood chips and steer feed.  Got home to find that FedEx delivered the first two years of my printed blog posts.  Having already lived it, it's nice to see part of my life in print and not just on a screen.  70,83,45,0,B,0


Lynn said...

Did they bind it for you? Maybe you can publish a book someday with those posts and other writings and it will make the best sellers list and you will become an instant celebrity in Terlingus... no wait... you already are. Miss ya John. Michael is doing well in Hospice. Please thank your readers for all the great cards and prayers. It makes him smile every time he gets one. Thank you again.

Unknown said...

Hi! We follow your blog but missed that you were having it printed. My wife keeps a blog and we are wondering how you got this done. Any advice? Thanks! amy and tony in Ohio