Saturday, March 2, 2013


So I see a message on Facebook yesterday from a Facebook friend I haven't personally me yet that is in the area.  So I send her a message to come visit TFL.  So my now new real friend came out today for the tour.  Amy and Maynard were a big hit.  Carl didn't know what to make of a basset hound so he kept his distance.  Ben approved of Maynard and Amy's head scratchin'.  It's not often a stranger can hit the spot that will get Ben to lift his leg.  Turns out Amy is a friend of my Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey friends Jon and Sandy.  Interesting how one can so easily become friends with someone who is friends with good friends.  Polished off the day by soaking down the compost pit.   57,73,28,0,C,0


Bruce S said...

Wow John, quite a stream. Looks like you won't need Flomax anytime soon.

David L. Secor said...

John, perhaps you should have a few printouts of the map to the Field Lab so that I can give them out here at the Legion to your visitors. The best I could do is "it is 'round about here," not having been out there.

Legion Dave