Monday, March 18, 2013

Meet the Medders

Fantastic visit with possible Terlingua transplants, the Medders family.  Rest of the day was all about calves, cowboys, and cat's-eyes.  69,84,40,0,B,0


Lynn said...

Love that calf. I want that one. I will call him Norman.

K1MGY said...

Quite a crowd! And such a cheery display of children in their boots. I envy the courage and energy involved in such a move, and hope you will share with us their story.

Could it be that your area may grow to urban proportion? Visitors are nice but, at least for the solitude-seeking like me, neighbours are sometimes an impediment.

Dale said...

For sure the Medders won't be living in a tiny house or if they do it will will look like a tiny motel court.

Allen Hare said...

A handsome family. I like that all the kids have big boots on.

The little guy is up and away.

Horse maintenance.