Friday, March 8, 2013

The Millers Have Landed...

Feed run to Alpine today for the boys.  Scored big time on wood chips at the Alpine recycling center. Only got a small load on this exploratory trip.  I will take all I can truck out of there as soon as I figure out the best option.  My friend Bennet Jones steered me toward the nearly unlimited supply.  In case you missed it earlier - this is the plan.

My friends the Millers are just beginning their odyssey in the desert.  Gave them a welcome to Terlingua housewarming present today - the latest TFL mozzarella.  It looks really big in the tiny hands of their daughter Santa Alayna.  I can already tell that she and her sister Queen Elizabeth are going to become good friends of Ben and Bud.  You can share their new journey here.  70,86,50,0,B,0


Allen Hare said...

Thanks for the great links today.

A good source of mulch is a treasure.

That kid is super cute. Love the names they gave them.

Cindy said...

The method advocated in the video is one practiced for years by Ruth Stout: