Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My friends Jon and Sandy came out for a repeat visit.  The title of the post is their web business.  Ben was informed earlier to be extra polite because they are the folks that bring and send Tennessee Honey.  

Got an interesting email from David Smith last week after my rant about sitemeter.  I checked with him to make sure it was OK to post his message: "Sorry you've been having troubles with Site Meter. I was the founder of Site Meter many years ago but sold the site in 2006 and unfortunately they haven't really treated it very well since them. Your solution to "fixing" Site Meter seems to be what a lot of people do, they switch over to statcounter. Just wanted to say hey! and I've been following your adventures for a few years. Your interests parallel a lot of mine with self sufficiency, photography, architecture, food/nutrition and just making things in general. I'm still living in the suburbs but I'm hoping the zoning for my neighborhood will finally be changed this spring and I'll be able to build my chicken coop."

Tech Talk of the day.  Finally got around to finding the solution to downloading my YouTube videos to my netbook.  The web worked exactly to my expectations today.  One quick search and I came up with this advice that worked flawlessly...ahhhhhhh.   CNET always has great computer advice.   I used their first choice.  58,63,50,0,B,0


Under The SC Sun said...

I'm mildly curious if the Tennessee Honey would be Sourwood Honey? There may be others, but this is one I am familiar with.

Rita B. said...

that must have been the folks at the end of the driveway....i could see somethin goin on down there from the camera. Ben was very obviously on best behavior, including licking, seems she knew right where the sweet spot was. How did Bud enjoy the company? My brother sings the praises of Tennessee Honey, guess i'll have to grab a bottle next time out.

Scuba Steve said...

Is she wearing ski bibs? If so, why??

Kathy said...

Thanks for the cnet link.

Off Grid R and D said...

It was good seeing John again and meeting the boys.
Our dog Wally was pizzed we were petting a cow. He was not happy.
Yes it is ski bibs. Sandy is very cold natured so she dresses warm. We went into the Cottonwood Store where they had their air conditioner on and she was wearing her bibs and coat with her hood on. They ask is she was goin skiing! :)
There are many Honey Liquors out there but my favorite is JD Tennessee Honey.

Allen Hare said...

Nice and Nice.