Friday, September 20, 2013


Cleared the north and south alcoves.  Moved all the stuff (to be sorted later) to the newly cleared east end. Going to take up all the pavers in these areas, re-level the sand, and install a critter barrier around the perimeter. Whoever is responsible has moved a lot of dirt and rock out from underneath.  Cleaned up the reserve battery bank in preparation for a solar upgrade next month now that the price of panels a quarter of what it was when I first came out here.
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Cindy said...

great job on the clean up :)

Cindy Talbot said...

So it is a good time to buy solar panels or do you think they will go down more, stay the same or go up now? I guess I need to start purchasing them and prepare to hook them up when I get back/

John Wells said...

I think now is a good time to buy... about a $1/watt seems to be the new low for small quantities and I don't see them getting much cheaper in the long run. You can get really great prices if you buy a pallet or whole container load of them.

Greg said...

Well done John. I appreciate the knowledge and experience you are providing through your blog. Thank you.

Chris Miller said...

I highly recommend When we did our upgrade a couple of months ago we did all the searching we could and these guys were by far the cheapest. Canadian solar at under $.90 / watt is a heck of a deal. Buy the giant grid tie panels - even if you only buy a couple. Will make upgrading in the future a lot easier.

We're at 3750 watts now.... 15 250 watters. Sold off the little 100 watters.

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