Monday, September 16, 2013

rain ready

Good chances of rain coming up (not a drop so far) so I shuttled some tank water around to make room.  Added a larger tank for the west shade gutter.  Installed a drip edge on the hut to keep light rains from seeping around under the roof...something I should have done 5 1/2 years ago due to the shallow pitch..

Carl has decided we are friends again so I let him out of jail  The two hens seemed happy to roam around with him all day.  They have been penned up their whole lives until today.  It was also time to mouse proof the chicken feed.  80,89,70,0,B,.26


Anonymous said...

Once again I seek your advice my friend. I need to cut some aluminum awning which was installed hanging out over the gutter. What kind of saw blade would you recommend for the thin material. also what do you use to cut the corrugated. Type of screws. I am in Nevada. I need shade! If you have the time, I would appreciate the advice. thanks.

Andy V said...

Free range chickens

kenneth said...

let it rain let it rain,put the hens up .Lets just see if carls like a turkey lol. heads up carl.

Rita B. said...

Good to see Carl and the chicks again. Were the Ginger and Marylou? Carl and the girls can take care of the mice.

Under The SC Sun said...

Mojave Rat,

Check with the big box lumber store websites for a 7 1/4" saw blade for metal cutting. I have one which I have cut both corrugated economy roofing and 16 gauge sheet metal.

Also use full coverage goggles for eye protection and or a face shield as well as good hearing protection. Keep unprotected people and pets well clear of the area as the flying debris and noise carry farther than may be apparent.