Wednesday, May 31, 2017

perfect pumping...

Tested out the timer with the new pump today.  Another win.  The new pump is (again) half the price of the one I have been using, a quarter the size, and plenty of flow.  82,84,61, .04",B


Margery Billd said...

A fountain.

Road said...

The Bellagio, TFL style!

That little pump has more than a nine foot head. Gives me ideas on how to further separate the water supply from the pad unit in the MPSC (Mobile Pepino Swamp Cooler) design I might build.

I could keep the water supply inside my campvan and make the window unit so it will hang in place by raising the door window. Might experiment with a horizontal fan layout and maybe ducting the humidified air through a couple feet of insulated dryer vent hose, too. Be fun to mess with it all, at any rate, and will satisfy my desire to tinker and tweak things.

No burro here to oversee everything, though I do have a Catbird who comes just about within arm's reach and gives constant direction with his wild variety of calls, and a Sharp-Shinned who circles overhead several times a day and screams at me when I mess up.

Interested to see what on/off cycle you set for this one, or if 14secs on/3mins off has become optimum.

Ron Dame said...

Thanks for the source of that pump just so happens I need that pump for a hydroponics project

Off Grid Research said...

I didn't realize the timer circuit was so small.
And the little pump really PUMPS!