Wednesday, October 16, 2019

a new friend...

video monday


remmij said...

… good it wasn't a "shorts" day…
(Aphonopelma hentzi, also known as Texas brown tarantulas)
Texas Hill Country
…meanwhile, where there is snow… could they be the same guy?
R 6:8
who knew?
"Korean(i) 8 내가 보매 청황색 말이 나오는데 그 탄 자의 이름은 사망이니 음부가 그 뒤를 따르더라 저희가 땅 사분 일의 권세를 얻어 검과 흉년과 사망과 땅의 짐승으로써 죽이더라"

Margery Billd said...

HELLOO—— It must be the season. The other day I was driving in heavy traffic around San Antonio and suddenly a visitor slid down onto the top of my steering wheel and surveyed me. Yep, one of those. After the thought of death, the thought went through my mind about whether the officer would believe me if I said one of those caused it. He seemed so possessive of his territory and it was alittle sad when he left a few days later. I saw him at the top of my windshield and I wondered if it would never end and then I realized he was on the outside.

Cactus BB said...
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