Saturday, October 26, 2019




Margery Billd said...

O.K., what is it? Is it a Crane Fly Spider? These are harmless.

B.B. Sutton said...

I always called 'em a Walking Stick.

Margery Billd said...

Yes. The Walking Sticks I saw were green so I did not recognize it. I was thinking of a Grand daddy Long Legs which I just dusted out of a crevice in an outside dog house.

remmij said...

walking logs (everything is bigger in TX)
in 2018
the augmented Steve image search
the Yandex image search results…
some info
Steve's web site
wiki info - phasmids
Steve?? - A new species of stick insect, Diapheromera arena n.sp.

Janet said...

Walking stick was my first thought, but it has been so very long since I've seen one I wasn't sure.