Friday, December 2, 2022

Laundry day...



remmij said...

very tidy laundry… are there snacks?
the french version
thought there might be
the marfa comp

just.Bob said...

Looks similar to a place 50 years ago when I was in College. Looks like nothing much changed in 1/2 century.

Johnny Blogger said...

To myself, out in the desert, where water is gold, I thought how does the Field Lab Dude do his laundry. I figured some version of Desert Dry Cleaning. Hang the clothes on a line and baseball bat the garments to at least get what will flake off, off.

One area I'm responsible for has 400 Laundry machines; 200+ commercial 18lb washers. I recall about 20 years ago, when we when retrofitted to resource-efficient machines, I visited the manager to see the operation. Peering through the front load window, I asked him "where is the water". I know during the wash cycle, our machines used very little water. Makes me wonder what the complete regular wash cycle water usage is. I'll have to ask.

I know we sell our used working machines-about 10 years old and well maintained, for $50 bucks. Just to get them out of the shop. I bought one, and it lasted me another 10 years until my significant other told me to get rid of it as she hates front loaders.

I'm curious about the lifetime of your solar panels. What is the projected lifetime of a good solar panel in the desert? The lifetime of the battery?

John Wells said...

JohnnyBlogger - My original crappy Harbor Freight panels are still producing at about 70% of their rated output after 15 years. The rest of my panels are supposed to last at least 20 years down to 85% of rated output. The surplus AGM batteries I am using should last about 6 or 7 years. Once they shit the bed, I am going with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that have at least a 10 year lifespan and are much more forgiving to over discharge.

just.Bob - What has changed is the price. Double loaders $3.75. Triple loaders $6.75

kellymckillop said...

I've been to that laundromat!