Monday, December 12, 2022

wind power long gone

Removed most of the parts of the ill-fated wind farm.  I learned in my first year out here that wind power doesn't work nearly as well as solar power.  The novelty wore off pretty quickly.  1.  It takes a minimum of 20 mph winds to produce any usable power.  2. Wind turbines are prone to mechanical failure.  It's rare that we get the right kind of wind for them to run efficiently - it's either too little or way too much (but it's sunny 340 days out of the year).  When I dismantled the set up yesterday, I decided to repaint one of the poles and put it back up as homage to my naive efforts when I was an off-grid newbie.  70,79,50,0,B


gumo said...

Live and learn. Experience is the best teacher.

rj said...

Just had someone ask why I don't have wind power. Gave the same answer.