Friday, September 15, 2023

Breathing life into Zoltar...



remmij said...

a rhythmic yell might be the appropriate response to most Zoltar inquiries
perhaps even Billy… that would make 'Z' a time machine too.
or maybe this for added razzle-dazzle.

Michael D. Berry said...

This takes me back to 1977 - I was painting cars for a living and wondering where that would go when a fellow I met at a nearby business drove up with a stack of primer painted coin slot mechanisms his client wanted painted royal blue to be installed on fortune telling machines. I did it and even left the chrome rivets chrome.

His client asked me to come in and ended up hiring me to run their carpentry shop, building exhibits and stage sets. They folded less than a year later, my wife sits at the previous owner's desk which I bought at their auction in 78/9, and I am about to retire from a career in doing commercial woodwork.

I also speak fairly regularly to that guy who brought me those coins slot mechanisms. He's been helping me source walnut slabs for a very fancy bar we are building in Austin.

remmij said...

would think pecan slabs might be more appropriate for Austin…

wait, it's Austin, maybe OSB and recycled border steel?
"very fancy bar" — isn't that what Dallas is for? or Marfa or Nacogdoches
don't drink on an empty stomac -

John Wells said...

MDB...great story.