Sunday, September 17, 2023

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do...

Ecclesiastes 9:10


remmij said...

miss the drywall screw…

will robots whisper this in the ears?
I returned and saw under the sun that—

The race is not to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Nor bread to the wise,
Nor riches to men of understanding,
Nor favor to men of skill;
But time and chance happen to them all.
For man also does not know his time:
Like fish taken in a cruel net,
Like birds caught in a snare,
So the sons of men are snared in an evil time,
When it falls suddenly upon them.

“Wisdom is better than strength.
Nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised,
And his words are not heard.
Words of the wise, spoken quietly, should be heard
Rather than the shout of a ruler of fools.
Wisdom is better than weapons of war;
But one sinner destroys much good.”

Truly the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil; madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that they go to the dead. 4 But for him who is joined to all the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

For the living know that they will die;
But the dead know nothing,
And they have no more reward,
For the memory of them is forgotten.
Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished;
Nevermore will they have a share
In anything done under the sun.

a prophet - Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg
A Rube Goldberg machine uses a set of reactions that work in succession, triggering one event after another until the final event is triggered. Often, each reaction is a simple task that will trigger the next, for example, a row of dominos, a well calculated swinging object, or a ball rolling down a ramp.

remmij said...

perhaps the hand should be rolling the ball up the ramp?
"The term Sisyphean describes a task that is impossible to complete. It refers to the punishment that Sisyphus receives in the underworld, where he is forced to roll a boulder up a hill repeatedly for eternity."
…and I thought it was all about gravey-ity
but I am a simpleton…

John Wells said...

I was mesmerized by Rube Goldberg machine drawings when I was a little kid. My friend Brett Doar makes a good living building real-life Rube Goldberg machines.