Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Butt Weld

Dreamy nights and endless days as usual here at the Field Lab. A GrubShack breakfast took the chill off the morning then I came home to ponder the plan. Was "too close to perfect" lining up that ridge purlin that I couldn't just leave it at good enough. Another day of climbing up and down position and mark it up just ever so right in order that the rest of he installation will go that much more smoothly. It really doesn't take that much more effort for perfection when you are so close. Beautiful day today ahead of the arctic cold heading this way - almost tshirt weather.

Not quite ready to commit to the final plan so I did my homework this afternoon. Practiced butt welding purlins together. Kind of got it on the first try but did one more just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. That much more confident now that it will all come together without a hitch. Just as I was setting up the scaffold for the high rise welding - my buddy Tony from Canada pulled up for a visit. He and his brother Russ came out for their first visit way back when - the day I was pouring the concrete for one of my house roof supports (a Canadian dime is embedded in that pour). We sat in the sun and caught up on all that's good in the world....with a couple of beers.

I have long had a soft spot for artists since my days of being one myself way back in my former life in NYC. Its nice to see that artists in Texas do not have that "head up their ass" edge that New Yorkers do. My latest favorite is my new buddy Scruffy Jones. I think she is the perfect mix of crazy and smart with just the right motivation to succeed on this planet. Check out a bit of her world at... 55,74,25,0


Ted said...
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Scruffy Jones said...

Thank you. Grateful.

pipsqeek said...

It's always a pleasure to know that there's an artist out there who indeed doesn't have their head up their butt. Coming from a humble musicians point of view where I'm constantly greeted with guitarists and singers who think they are the king of the world.

I leave them be. How can you crush someone when you're nothing but a peasant in their world? hahahah.