Monday, January 18, 2010

The Early Tour

My two new friends Tara and Kelly (sisters) came by for an early tour today - on their way out of Big Bend. Tara has been following the blog for awhile from Corpus Christi...been wondering who that was watching me at Had a nice time showing them around as the sun came over the mountain. Tara had to get her sister to the airport so she could jet back to her job in the financial district in Manhattan.

Another fantastic weather day...almost too good as I kinda wanted to just bask in the warmth. Welded up the rest of the purlins to the south edge while keeping an eye on the great weather. Pushed through to tack the final row in place then quit at 3PM for a well earned shower. Had excellent hot water today thanks to the recent climate change.

Topped off the day with a wonderful evening at the Starlight Theatre...lots of old friends (really nice to have been here only 2 years and already able to consider some folks old friends) and met a couple of new ones. 58,79,32,0


Andy V said...

That Starlite burger looked purty darn good.

Allen Hare said...

John, you've become quite the chick magnet lately.

The Starlight is great. Small communities are great for getting to know people. Glad you've got a great group of pals to connect with.

The welding looks great. When do you expect to be able to start putting up the roofing material?

Caboose said...

Great looking Ladies, like Allen said, you are a women magnet. The Lab Greenhouse are looking good, won't be long before you are growing your poo vegetables.

D. B. Day IV said...

You ever thought of building a chicken coop? Hens are fun and you could enjoy some fresh eggs. Fending off the coyotes is great entertainment!

neil said...


Franklin Jarrett said...

I have been wondering what the hole in the front porch are. To me it appears that the porch is made out of concrete with a wooden rim board or form board still in place with holes drilled in it and pvc pipe behind it running from the front of the porch to I guess the back of the house. First am I see this correct and if so what is the purpose of this. I have a couple of theory's but would like to if I am correct.