Tuesday, February 23, 2010

...and then it snowed

34,49,31, .75" snow


Guy Hodges said...


Here are some pics from my visit on Saturday. Thanks Again for the tour JW.


tffnguy said...

I didn't mind the snow as much as the high wind, but could have lived without both. I keep hearing how each cold front is the last one for the season. Sure wish someone would be right.

Michael said...

How's the tiny house holding up with these extreme conditions? Would you have done anything different in the construction or design?

Allen Hare said...

It tried to snow here in Dallas today, but it never really could get going.

Those mountains look good in snow.

That's one chilly looking cow.

Imagine your finished greenhouse covered in snow - it would be white on white, and probably a lot darker inside.

Hope you're doing well.

mike said...

Hay tffnguy, the weather man is wrong 90 percent of the time around here and they still have a job LOL

Anonymous said...

You think benita is lookin at the solar pannel like its a popsicle?

Allen Cowan said...

I'm sorta bummed to see it snows there. At least it's rare, and shallow!