Sunday, February 7, 2010


Just another perfect weather day in paradise....after the fog burned off that is. My friend Maria from Sul Ross came out this morning to count more of the rare plants (Terlingua Creek Cat's Eye) growing at the Field Lab. She is up to 901 as of today. Maria was marking areas where she has already counted with little orange flags.

Finished off all the high welding by 6PM today. I can do the rest from the tops of the containers now. About 50 more flanges to go. I am also welding 3" x 5" plates over the 17 butt welds that don't line up over a truss. Such a nice day I took a 2 hour break to soak in the sun between shifts. 59,82,41,0

Late Update: I didn't watch the Superbowl but one of my facebook friends posted a link to this Budweiser commercial ...I like it!


mike said...

Thats a lot of work

Unknown said...

I went all out for the Superbowl ... blue and white streamers around my trees in the front yard, blue and white balloons all over the house, blue and white homemade cupcakes, blue and white pom-poms ... even blue and white HAIR.

It was a GREAT game, but I am somewhat blue :(

Mr_Brown said...


Porter and I both said while watching the commercial ... "Look it's Benita."

Progress is looking great on the green house. Hope you're doing well.

Allen Hare said...

That's a pretty interesting project your friend Maria is up to. Good of you to let her have the run of the place for her research.

I really like the photo of the top of the greenhouse today. I believe this is the first time we've seen it from exactly this angle, and it occured to me as I was looking at it that when finished, you will have a lot of flat container rooftop space inside of the greenhouse roof. Do you have any plans for that space? It might be possible to use it for small starter plants, or other low growing plants, although accessing the area might be difficult. Another idea might be to mount your hot water heater up there and run the plumbing down to an inside-the-greenhouse shower for those cold, windy winter days. Shower run-off water could be channeled to water the plants in the main greenhouse area. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Caboose said...

Amazing all you have done to The Field Lab. John, check out this site I believe you will enjoy watching it. I really enjoyed the Budweiser Commercial Video with the Long Horn.

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...


I am visiting Tx staying on a ranch near Casa Piedra and would love to visit your area. I am a gardener from Minnesota so the landscape is like another planet compared to the forest and prairie of my home.

Please let me know if it would be convenient at any point in the next couple of weeks for myself and my friend to visit.

Thank you, Melanie

neil said...


Guy Hodges said...

Excellent work JW.

Looks like you will have your roof up in no time. Probably a good thing as it looks like we are in an El Nino weather pattern. You might fill up that 9000 gallon storage faster than you thought...

tffnguy said...

melanie, I think people just show up out there unannounced. ;)