Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the web cam

Here is the morning set up of the webcam for the daily Field Lab sunrise. Only managed to get a couple of hours in today. Picked up 60' of 3" bar stock in Alpine yesterday. Started cutting it up to fabricate more flanges for the trusses. Too windy today to finish welding the last 60' of purlin. The clouds never really cleared out.....actually started getting colder as the day went on.
Looks like I am in for a long couple of days of overcast skies and hopefully enough rain to top off my creek side tanks....I got room for about 3800 gallons. UPS just dropped off a little something yesterday that should come in handy over the next couple of days - a battery charger that will run off my generator. (yeah...after two years I have finally bought one) This is an RV type charger that gets hard wired directly into my battery bank and has an AC plug that pops into the gennie when needed. I will post a full review after I have a chance to test it out. I bought it from one of my favorite online alternative energy retailers - Northern Arizona Wind and Sun... http://store.solar-electric.com/ioten55
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Caboose said...

The Sun rise looks good over The Field Lab. I did check out the Solar and Electric Store site, very interesting. Our Weather here in South Georgia is wet,cold and windy, not the best Weather to work in. Hope tomorrow is better for both of us.

Anonymous said...

yes, the sunset is real nice! Thankyou so much for the link. I have been looking for a place that sells quality off grid supplies like you just bought. That looks like the perfect battery charger for what my possible system will need, looking forward to the reviews.

tffnguy said...

That's the place I bought my wind generator from years ago. It still functions well, but now I need to get it up and running down there.

jandean said...

Readers- if you haven't checked this
out yet, it is well worth the read.


Anonymous said...

I just bookmarked that "Northern Arizona Solar" site for future reference.

Were getting hammered down here in South Texas with cold "El Nino rain". So far this year the temperature in my 858 square foot house has not dropped below 66 degrees, (I have lots of insulation) and Im trying to limit my electric usage to 3 hours a day. Saving lots of $$$$$

neil said...