Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The cold front rolled in this morning.....sunny, but chilly and windy all day...expecting an overnight low in the low teens tonight.  If the winds clear and temps warm up by Thursday - I hope to finish the roofing by this weekend.  Seemed at last count - I won't have enough screws so made a toasty truck ride of a 1/2 day trip to Alpine to make sure I have enough to finish the job.   Love crossing the suddenly foggy frost covered hills before descending into town. 

Hunkered down all morning in the hut planning the wash of a day.  Before I left for the 3hr round trip, I gave into buying a new camera online.  My friend Paul just got one and it has a number of features that appeal to me:  price, waterproof housing (aka dust proof), cheap replaceable lens package for the housing, and the ability to shoot HD video and time lapse at a number of settings.  My dust filled G9 is worthless now for time lapse videos.  I ordered the basic model ( Hero Naked ) without all the mounts - that's what duct tape is for.  http://www.goprocamera.com/  ...  and no, I won't be mounting it to Benita.  34,47,32,0,B


Ben in Texas said...

Good choice on the camera JW,,I got one. Does great video just keep in mind it is somewhat hard to reset it other than wide angle.But the video it does is great
Here's two I did here with the camera mounted in the waterproof box



John Wells said...

Hey Ben! thanks for the endorsment...nice videos - you old hippy.

delgrego said...
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delgrego said...

Heh,I know that spot well. I've taken several different pictures there and they all have a different feel based on time of year/day and weather. Since you like time lapse stuff I thought you might enjoy this one I made, best seen at 720p fullscreen.

youtube link

Don O. said...

Mmm. A Benita cam. Methinks that may actually happen sometime.

czardastx said...

I was really impressed with everything I saw about the little camera. Here's some videos I shot with mine:



I have so many plans for future videos and timelapse. I really think you'll enjoy the camera.

Bucky said...

Hmmmmm ...

Helmet Hero.
Motorsports Hero.
Surf Hero.

Where is the Horn Hero?

Just Me said...

Helmet Hero.
Motorsports Hero.
Surf Hero.

All for fairly obvious uses. Then there's Hero Naked. Is that for skinny-dipping or other activities in which the participants lack attire? I shudder (or should that be shutter) to think of the use of duct tape in such a setting.

Anonymous said...

Todays show has been brought to you by duct tape, Duct tape has 1000 and 1 uses around the house. and todays show has been brought to you by butter milk biscuits... umm ya eat em

frann said...

I am about to buy a camera and hadn't thought about a waterproof camera also being dust proof. I am now on the hunt for a dust proof camera.
Just Me and Nick I'm hiding your duct tape!

caroline said...

No commenatry on the Tucson shootings?

John Wells said...

Around the globe, an estimated 520,000 people were murdered in the year 2000...that's 1424.65 per day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder#Demographics

Allen Hare said...

I didn't recognize the setting of photo #1 'til you said where it was. That section of mountains and hills just south of Alpine is one of my favorite places - so beautiful.

The GoPro is a great little camera. Thanks for introducing us to it. I'm going to have to get one. That's a good price for what you get, and that waterproof housing is so handy. Ben's and delgrego's videos are very nice - thanks for posting them, guys!

I definitely see the 'cow-cam' in the future. Could be Benita, or one of the other's. Mounted to one of their horns, they wouldn't even know it was there. Set the camera on the 60 second time-lapse and let 'em go. Of course, you may not get the camera back 'til sometime in the Spring, but the video would be fascinating!