Thursday, January 2, 2014

Big Ben

Ben is a year and a half old and still growing fast.  His tip to tip measurement is now 43 5/8".  They are growing at a rate of about a half inch per week.  Bud is growing just as fast but won't let me near him with the tape measure.  Got some head gear flight gifts from my friend Chris Johnson for Christmas.  Not exactly FAA approved, but they sure look cool.  Might come in handy if I take up crop dusting.

Had a visit a couple of days ago from Ken Clouse of West Texas Realty.  He had heard I am planning on taking up PPG flying and wanted to stop by and see the rig.  He told me about his navy pilot experience flying from aircraft carriers.  He emailed this photo today - the actual plane he used to fly.  A little more impressive than my egg beater.  Perhaps I will be proficient enough by next Labor Day to participate in the Big Bend Balloon Bash that West Texas Realty sponsors each year.


Rita B. said...

That would have been cool headgear for that ole sidecar you used to have. But don't wear it around Ben & Bud...might scare 'em.

BLT said...

Have been to the Alpine Balloon Festival and watched the powered parachutes along with the hot air balloons. I think it will be awesome watching you zipping around all of them. You go, John! I'm excited about all the possibilities. Marfa Gliders always looked like fun too. How about "Terlingua Tandem Paragliders". Could buy a bunch of critter feed.

remmij said...

life in the desert
appears to be a North American A-5 Vigilante
that would be a handful on a carrier deck…
on deck
a sister
might be the one
from here:
if that's her, she's a survivor.

Melissa said...

Re: measuring the horns. Have you tried a dressmaker's cloth tape? Maybe Bud doesn't like the metallic sound of your carpenter's tape.

JohnnyM said...

Melissa, my thoughts exactly.

John Wells said...

Bud votes NO...but he is happy to show you just how big his horns are if you get close enough.