Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ate the lone survivor grapefruit this morning.  From blossom to breakfast in 10 months. 
How did it taste?  Bittersweet, of course.

Added a little more steel to the solar panel rig today.

Chard with my supper tonight.  49,65,32,0,C


JohnnyM said...

The grapefruit looks great! Love TX ruby reds. Nice to see the greens too, I'm going out to the garden in a couple of days to check the spinach. I covered with straw this fall so maybe it survived.

larry snyder said...

Have you been in touch with the Connally's featured on Yahoo today they are from Terlingua.

larry snyder said...
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mary lee said...

Nothing growing here just now as to cold. Lucky you they look great